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1734 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314

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Welcome to How Greek It Is

Located in Castleton Corners neighborhood of Staten Island. How Greek It Is is located at 1734 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314.

Outstanding food !! The new place is very nice Following all COVID 19 protocols..very clean ! The gyro is amazing The tziztki sauce is like no other. Lemon potatoes the rice it’s all good

The best Greek food on Staten Island is now available on the North Shore. Sandwiches are huge and the value is unbeatable. Complete lunch specials $8.50

This is the same owners as Dimitri's Gyro Joint used to be on Castleton Avenue, when they moved somewhere to hylan boulevard I was almost devastated, there is nos place to get a real gyro out here. the few places are Indian style gyros or Halal carts. The real gyro is back, these are stuffed gyros served over delicious gyro bread with delicious white sauce, I tell you this is probably the best gyro I have had since dimitris moved. the pork gyro, the chicken gyro, whichever meat I ever get a craving for, this gyro satisfied. heck sometimes I even have a falafel gyro when I am tired of all the meat. I am not saying I eat here everday, but when the craving for a gyro has I have my refound love.

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1734 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY 10314